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Your Valuable Home

By: Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk

Trenton, NJ, USA

After years on the radio, hosts Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk have flipped the switch to podcasting! Ou... Read More


  • Here’s What’s Happening in Key Real Estate Markets in Maryland and N. Carolina.

    In the Replay today, Kevin gets into a big issue for fraud by roofers. Why is it happening? The ... More Horror Story today is about Dave’s frustration with the paver patio project that just won’t end. In this fourth week of our five-week-long Real Estate Round Up, we get local market reports from two accomplished, Maryland from the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, the other from the eastern shore. Wendy Oliver, the number 3 realtor in Coldwell Banker Mid-Atlantic i reports on Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Chuck Mangold, a principal in the Easton, MD-based firm, Benson & Mangold, covers Talbot County on the eastern shore, with special emphasis on Easton, a town currently undergoing a culinary, cultural and architectural Renaissance. From there, we go south to North Carolina’s Research Triangle to get a sense of that market from Kate Steadman of Choice Residential Real Estate in Raleigh. Less

  • Our Real Estate Round Up continues with local market assessments in NY, PA and FL.

    Our Replay today has Kevin delving into an issue some homeowners are having with roofers who claim to have discovered st ... Moreorm damage in their roof, and that insurance will pay for the repairs. In the Horror Story, Dave shares his frustration with the delays in the construction of his paver patio. In this, the third week of our 5-week series, the Real Estate Round Up, we take the pulse of the real estate market in New York with Joe Bonacci from Corcoran. Joe has been named a top agent nationwide and has closed market-making deals in New York City and the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Moving to PA, Sandy Smith, the Home and Real Estate Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, provides a snapshot of the market in southeastern PA. Then on to St. Petersburg, near Tampa, where we talk with Jac Smith head of the Jac Smith Group about that hot real estate market. So far in 2022, the Jac Smith Group has had listings and sales ranging from $168,000 to $8,500,000. Less

  • Residential Investment Properties insight on State of that Market – Real Estate Round-Up Part II

    In the Replay today, Dan shares the plan for his house now under construction in the Jersey seaside town of Stone Harbor ... More. In the Horror Story, a new door installation reveals a potentially catastrophic header! If you have residential investment properties, or are thinking about acquiring one, invest 30 minutes listening to Scott Abernathy. Scott is the most recent past president of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and head of his on property management firm – PMI Professionals – in Murfreesboro, TN. We’ll be talking with Scott about what he thinks is ahead in the market for residential investment real estate. Less

  • Raw Land: How to Value It. How to Navigate Community Dynamics, etc. - Real Estate Round-Up Part I

    This is the first in our five-week long series, the Real Estate RoundUp. In our Replay, Justin Reif, COO of the Window ... More Works Company in the heart of North Carolina, explains why his company became one of ProVia’s newest dealers. Justin also relates a Horror Story about a door installation (not a ProVia door) by a not-so-careful contractor. In today’s featured Real Estate RoundUp, Bruce Carlisle a veteran broker of raw land in Northern Georgia shares the wisdom of decades of experience, including how to value raw land, how to make community dynamics work for you, how raw land is a building block of communities and other nuggets from his book Top Dollar Dirt. Less

  • Pick the top 5 home improvement projects that return the best value. You’re probably wrong.

    In our Replay today, Mike’s ProVia siding and window project is almost complete. In the Horror Story, a contractor who ... More did a shoddy tile job tries to pin the blame on Kevin’s shoe molding. In our Feature, Jessica Lautz from the National Association of Realtors, explains the incredible NAR Remodeling Impact Report. The results will surprise you. The brilliance in the report is the “Joy“ index...are people satisfied with their choice of home improvement projects after the projects are complete? Less

  • Buyer Beware of Contractors with Inadequate Insurance

    What about Costa Rica intrigued this young couple so much that they make it their part-time home year after year? Is it ... More the climate, the cost of living, the stable government? What is it? In our Horror Story today, Kevin takes exception with contractors who continue to install windows improperly. In our Feature today, John Wales, the General Manager of Cover Wallet, a company that sells Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance to contractors, gives us the shocking news that many contractors working in the U.S. are inadequately insured, placing their workers and their customers – homeowners – in jeopardy. John talks about what happens if a worker who is not covered by Worker’s Comp is injured on your property, and what happens when a contractor with little or no Liability Insurance damages your property. This is something you must hear and take to heart before you hire another contractor for a home improvement project. Less

  • Check Your Energy Provider for Savings on Energy Costs.

    In the Replay today, Mike phones in an update on the installation of his new ProVia windows and doors. And in the Horro ... Morer Story, we cover the shortcomings in some manufacturers’ warranties. In this trying time, families are looking for ways to trim their budgets. One place to look is to your energy provider. Today we talk with two representatives from PECO, the energy provider in southeastern, Pennsylvania, as they share lots of ways to save money on energy and energy equipment. PECO offers an Energy Assessment...a comprehensive look at your total energy consumption, and a FREE Energy Checkup, which customers can make use of to score free, money-saving LEDs. We also cover the rebates PECO offers for energy equipment purchases, and a cool tool on that helps you calculate yearly savings if you take the plunge and get an EV or hybrid.. Ask your local energy provider how they can help you save. Less

  • 4 different people, 4 different approaches to making money with rental property

    In our Replay today, we talk about the next stage in Tom Martino’s master bath and bar room reno. The Horror Story is ... More about a lazy roofer who didn’t replace the step flashing and the ceiling drywall collapsed The beauty of residential real estate is that it isn’t one size fits all. Listen to these four different investors, all of whom got into residential real estate as an investment. One likes older properties with fix-up potential. Another likes condos in HOA-run communities. And only two of the four use management companies to manage their properties, collect the rent and deal with tenants. An investment in a residential property can be what you need it to be. Less

  • Listen to this before tackling a patio or walkway as a DIY project.

    In our Replay today, a listener shares his plan for two projects: 1) rejuvenating a master bedroom, and 2) transforming ... Morea decaying hot tub room into a bar area. In our Featured segment, hardscaping and masonry pro, Mike McColgan, shares his thoughts on different types of materials for walkways and patios and the looks that can be achieved with each. He also describes the many steps he takes to create a paver walkway and entryway...clearly not a job for the casual DIYer. Less

  • Can 1,000,000 Acres of Salt Marsh Be Saved?

    Our Replay and Horror Story today are about a new roofing job that turned into a big, avoidable problem. A new roof gon ... Moree bad, can be one of the biggest home improvement hassles a homeowner can face. Then, Cameron Jaggard from the PEW Charitable Trusts explains how PEW is involved in a huge and vital mission by military and civilian organizations, including the Gullah Geechee Nation (descendants of slaves), to rescue 1,000,000 acres of salt marsh from North Carolina to the east coast of northern Florida. Salt marsh has been proved to be an effective line of defense against rising seas...a protector of property, even jobs! If you have coastal property and/or concern about global warming, you’ll want to listen and pass this on. Less